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Dear Kettlebell Swinging Friend,


Did you know that a 2012 Danish research study proved that short, 30 minute workouts were superior to 60 minute workouts for weight loss, energy, hunger management, and overall positive mood?


Lead researcher Mads Rosenkilde and his team discovered, contrary to popular belief, that longer "more traditional" 60-minute near daily workouts were inferior to shorter, near daily 30-minute ones.


The 30-minute group lost 3.7kg (8.2lbs).


The 60-minute group lost 2.6kg (5.7lbs).


Think about that for a moment -


The 30-minute group worked out 50% less -


And lost almost 50% more weight in the same 3 months.




The 60-minute group "automatically ate more food" because they were tired from their workouts.


In contrast, Rosenkilde said, the 30-minute group "... seemed to grow energized and inspired." 


Here's What Kettlebell EXPRESS! Can Do For You


Kettlebell EXPRESS!

 Programs Challenge You Without Leaving

You Exhausted

Almost everyone I know likes feeling like they got a good workout.


Not always "destroyed," feeling like a quivering mess of jell-o...


Muscles sore and joints stiff for days afterwards...

Having a hard time going up and down stairs and sitting in chairs...


That's not what I'm talking about...


But breaking a good sweat?



Maybe feeling a little bit of a pump or a burn in the muscles?




Heart thumping and lungs sucking wind?



(Not ALL the time though.)


These Kettlebell EXPRESS! programs have you covered.


You too can now experience what the Danish researchers discovered -


Shorter workouts can produce faster weight loss...


Manage hunger and control appetite...


Create extra energy and inspirational feelings... 


All of which keep you moving forward - marching towards your goals - on virtual autopilot.


All you need is a few kettlebells and you're good to go!

Here Are Some Of The
Programs You Get Inside 
Kettlebell EXPRESS!

You'll Know Exactly How Much To Do And When

Each of these Kettlebell EXPRESS! programs is spelled out in detail -

  • Which exercises to use…
  • How long to workout each day…
  • How many days a week to workout…
  • How many reps in each workout…
  • How many weeks in each program…
  • How many sets to do (in some cases)…
  • How much rest to take between sets and exercises…


No stone is left unturned.


There’s no guesswork involved.


No confusion.


Just pick a program, and follow it as written for 4… 6… 9… or 12 weeks…


… And enjoy watching your body morph into a leaner, stronger, better conditioned version of your current self

There's Plenty Of Variety So You Don't Get Bored

Kettlebell EXPRESS! uses a variety of loading parameters to speed up results and keep you from getting bored, some of which you may have heard of before, including...


  • Alternating sets
  • Super Sets
  • Giant Sets
  • Circuits
  • Complexes
  • Chains


... Each designed to progressively challenge your body to do more and more work in the same amount of time...


... Making you stronger... Better conditioned... And helping lean you out without hardcore dieting...

I've been using and training others with kettlebells since January 2002 - practically the beginning of the Modern Russian Kettlebell Revolution. 


That's almost 19 years...


And I logged well over 25,000 hours of one-one-personal training...


Designing customized training using kettlebells for men and women from all walks of life, including -


Busy corporate execs... Stay-at-home Moms... Grandmothers riddled with arthritis... All level of athletes... and even some military special operators...


Not to mention teaching private kettlebell workshops and kettlebell instructor certifications all around the world - the U.S., Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia, and Singapore...


As a Master Instructor for both the Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification and the StrongFirst School of Strength - the premier kettlebell certifications anc courses in the world.


This programming works for my busy private coaching clients from all over the world and will work for you too.

Here's What Others Are Saying About My Programs... 

"...Your Kettlebell Express Product Is Amazing."


"...I am far stronger than I've ever been, and I spend less time in the gym."


"...I started the program at 205lbs and finished at 200. And that was without any adjustment to my diet."


"...Geoff has done an excellent job in making this compendium of programs..."


"I dropped 5lbs over a period of 6 weeks without even trying. I'm happy and my clients are happy..."

"Everything you do works"


"I have been impressed with Geoff Neupert's program design skills... [they] are logical, efficient, and comprehensive."

How Much Does
Kettlebell EXPRESS!


If you went down to your local gym - if it's even currently open - 


And spent just one hour with a mediocre personal trainer, it would cost you on average $65.


A good one is usually between $100 and $150 per hour.


And a Certified Kettlebell Instructor trained in kettlebell program design?


At least $65 to $100, maybe more.


I charge $150 per hour, and $100 per hour over Zoom.


And for my Private Coaching Clients? 


They pay me a minimum of $297 per month for customized program design and coaching.


Now obviously, these Kettlebell EXPRESS! programs aren't customized.


However, there are 100 of them.


And everything you get today is the principles, strategies, and tactics I've refined been using successfully for almost 3 decades with my private clients.


Yet, there's no way this is going to cost you $297.


Not even half that -




In fact, I think it'd only be fair to have the next 10 years of programming done for you for $10 a year - or less than $1 a month - that's $100.


That's not going to cut it though simply because of this Special Offer.


So today, you can get Kettlebell EXPRESS! for 50% discounted one-time only rate of -


$100 $49.50


Just click the big orange button below and grab your copy.

Kettlebell EXPRESS! Comes With A 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

While I’m absolutely positive that Kettlebell EXPRESS! is going to be some, if not the most valuable kettlebell programming you’ve ever discovered…


A tool that makes getting stronger and leaner an enjoyable and nearly automatic experience...


I also understand that there are lots of smooth-talkers out there - especially on social media. And that talk is cheap, while seeing is believing. 


That’s why you get a full 60 days to run through one or more Kettlebell EXPRESS! programs to see if they're right for you. If they are, then perfect.


But if for some strange reason you look at your Training Journal and don't see improvements in strength and conditioning...


... And you don't feel significantly less stressed...


... Or can't see a noticeable difference in how clothes fit...


Then no hard feelings. Just email me, and I'll refund your purchase with no questions asked. 


This means there’s zero risk on your end at all…


And if that even if you’re just mildly curious about Kettlebell EXPRESS! - you might as well invest in it today, that way you can start following one of the programs, relieve some stress, and start feeling great again.


In other words...


All The Risk Is On Me.


Click the button below and get started today.

Almost 10 Years Of Programs... For Less Than A Dinner
Date For Two

Remember the last time you went on a dinner date?


I do. I took my wife out on a REAL dinner date, after paying the babysitter, it cost me over $300.


Now to be fair, it was her birthday... And it was a very fancy Michelin 4 Diamond restaurant...


So an average meal out, not including babysitting, costs us about $75, give or take, depending on how many glasses of wine and dessert...


And as enjoyable as that is, it doesn't really add to your health and fitness goals, does it?


Go ahead and grab your copy of the guilt-free Kettlebell EXPRESS! programs below.

Right Now, You Have

2 Choices

I don't want to pressure you, but if you're still reading this, then you're most likely still on the fence about Kettlebell EXPRESS!.


And that's fine... 


I get it...


You can either click away, and keep on doing what you're doing - 


Hoping, wishing, praying that your going to get results from your kettlebell workouts...


Making them up yourself, or scouring the internet and stumbling on something that "looks good"...


Or you can take a "chance" on these Kettlebell EXPRESS! programs delivering the results to you, like so many other of my customers have




If you're serious about kettlebell training, and want to -


Eliminate the guesswork about what you're going to do for your kettlebell workouts...


Say "Bye!" to the mind-boggling boredom of doing another 100 swings and add in some well-deserved variety...


... And end the procrastination the comes from having to psych up for long workouts... 


Then get these 100 single kettlebell programs now, and start using these brand new - 20 to 30 minute workouts...


... And start experiencing near automatic strength gains and dropping unwanted body fat without even trying just like Nikki and David...


... And walk away energized and maybe even inspired, like the participants in Mads Rosenkildes shorter workout study.


Thanks for sticking around this long and reading this letter.


Stay Strong,

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