How The P3 Protocol Helped Me Do Pain-Free Pistols - Even With Missing Cartilage Under My Right Kneecap...

...And With Genetically Deformed Knees That Used To Cause Pain 24/7...

...Without Surgery, Shots, Stretching, or Supplements...

Dear Active Friend,


Running, lifting, hiking, biking, playing sports with knee pain sucks, doesn't it?


Especially if you’re over 30 and aren’t as active as when you were a kid. 


Quite frankly, it can range anywhere from being annoying to hobbling you and making you feel old before your time.


Let’s face it, doing nothing and hoping it’ll go away on its own isn’t a solution.


Neither is choking down handfuls of Tylenol and Advil or other pain relief meds.


Nor is any of that stuff you're probably currently doing -


… foam rolling out the tight spots… stretching… “activation” work… joint mobility work… voodoo flossing…


… alternative therapies like adjustments & manipulations… deep tissue and sports massage… 


I know.

NONE of that stuff got rid of my
25 years of knee pain...

Nor did any of it get me back into my beloved sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

I’ve tried practically ALL of them - and paid well over $22,000 between them and specialized “performance” systems to get me pain free.


My name is Geoff Neupert.


I’ve been in the fitness / strength & conditioning fields since 1993. I’m a former Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach, personal trainer and personal training business owner, co-creator of Original Strength Systems, former RKC & StrongFirst Master Kettlebell Instructor, author, lecturer, and State Champion and National Qualified Olympic lifter. 

I’ve logged over 25,000 hours of one-on-one personal training and have trained people from all walks of life - from middle school to professional athletes, military special operators, post-surgical rehab patients, the morbidly obese, to 70-something arthritic grandmothers. 


I have taught kettlebell, barbell, and movement restoration certifications and workshops across the United States, Europe, Australia, and in Singapore.

And my work has been featured on popular websites like,,,,,, and


I’m not saying any of that to impress you, rather to impress upon you that I've seen pretty much everything under the sun in the last 27 years.


In 2010, I got pretty much free from knee pain using a system that my wife (a Doctor of Physical Therapy), two friends (who are trainers) and myself created. 


Then, in the summer of 2019, after thinking I was in the clear, I noticed something “funny” -


Even though I’d returned pain free to my beloved sport of Olympic lifting…


… I couldn’t predictably do lunges without discomfort in my right knee. 


Plus, my right hip always felt unstable and “wonky” doing them…


So, I went back to the drawing board.


Before I tell you what I discovered, you should know that the reason you've failed in the past at fixing your knee pain is not your fault.


That's because -

Every Other Knee Pain Therapy I'm Aware Of Treats The Symptoms,
NOT The Root Cause.

For example, in the case of most non-contact and “overuse injuries" - 


The soreness and pain causes you to move differently than you're supposed to move.


These "different-than-natural-movements" are called movement compensations.


You may have been told these movement compensations show up as tight muscles - like tight quads or hip flexors or even your calves.


So you might’ve tried “foam rolling” your tight muscles or “smashing” them with a lacrosse ball to improve “tissue quality”...


… But after weeks of foam rolling, stretching and "strengthening," like me, the pain comes back when you’re no longer “warmed up.”


The real problem is none of that


The real problem is that because of environmental factors like leading a sedentary lifestyle, walking looking down at a smart phone, and sitting in front of a computer all day long…

Your Body Has Lost

Motor Control.

Motor control is your “brain-body connection” - the ability to move how you want, when you want. It’s subconscious and voluntary. 


Losing motor control is like blowing fuses or tripping circuits in your home’s electrical panel.


Sure, you still have electricity, but you temporarily lose it at one or more outlets. Flip the switch back on, or, worst case, replace the circuit, and all the lights and outlets are back on once again. 


And the good news is -


Just like flipping the switches back on in your electrical panel, you can “flip the switches back on” in your brain...


So you can move your body the way you're supposed to... 


The way you want to - running, jumping, hiking, lifting, playing sports... 


With no more knee pain.

Decreased Pain In As Little As

5 Minutes

I'm not the only one who's experienced these amazing results.


Case In Point:


Ashely was stunned. 


She came over one night to help my wife with something. And she made the “mistake” of mentioning how her right knee had been hurting for the last 4 weeks while running.


I offered to show her how to use this new method to make her knee pain disappear.


Interested, but skeptical, Amy, a classically-trained physical therapist, squatted down on the balls of her feet and pointed out where she could touch her left heel to her butt.


Not so on the right side. 


There were a good 5 to 6 inches between that heel and her butt - plus... it hurt.


One drill later and 3 minutes later, she had narrowed that gap to an inch and the knee was just stiff.


Five minutes after that, she was sitting on her right heel - pain free


She was fascinated as we explained the simple - and scientific (not “woo-woo”) reasons why it worked.


And I promise, I'll show you exactly what we showed her in just a minute...


But first, like we explained to Ashley, you might be wondering - 

“How Do You Lose

Motor Control In

The First Place?”

Great question.


Inactivity, a sedentary Western lifestyle, and sitting.


According to Harvard Health[1], sitting causes tight hip flexors and hamstring, which can cause knee pain.


Hence some of the popular advice that didn’t work for me: Stretch your hip flexors and hamstrings.


Here’s what’s really going on to cause you to lose motor control.


When you sit, more often than not, your head “falls” forward into your computer screen, or whatever it is you’re working on…


Or if you’re watching TV in the evening after a long day of work, your head is either supported by a pillow or slumped forward towards your chest.

Your body is a very smart “machine” that works much like a computer - on an Input-Output basis.


It uses your senses to provide what’s called “sensory input” to produce a result called “motor output” - like reading the words on this page, walking to the fridge to grab a bite to eat, or driving to work.


Do the same thing over and over and over again, and a “program” is created in your brain that makes it easy for you to do.


A perfect example is practicing a sport or musical instrument or learning to drive a car. At first, nothing is easy. But after enough time and practice, you get a varsity letter, can write your own songs by ear, and drive while texting.


The problem is, you’re naturally supposed to walk and stand with an upright posture, with your head sitting on top of your shoulders. This is the position in which your muscles and joints work optimally


In fact, you are “programmed” for your body to follow your head. Where your head goes, the body naturally follows. 


But when you’re sitting all the time, your head slumps forward, changes your posture, and your body follows.


This changes the joint mechanics of every joint in your body and often times creates and “upstream effect” which means -


More often than not, pain manifests in your knee, but it’s not the root cause of it. 


I know this may sound hard to swallow, but the good news is -

There's Plenty Of Research
To Support This...

… As well as nearly a decade of my own personal and professional empirical evidence provided by my personal clients, and thousands of people around the world.


For example, here is what some of the scientific research shows about anterior head position (also known as forward head posture):


Forward head posture decreases your ability to breathe correctly. It causes expansion of your upper thorax (chest/torso) and contraction of your lower thorax.[2],[3]


And the inability to breathe correctly has also been shown to reduce Motor Control.[4]


Furthermore, forward head posture changes your center of gravity, pulling it forward. This causes excessive stretching of ankle joints to maintain body balance. Those stretched ankle joints restrict movement of the hip and knee joints.[5]


This can cause reduced function of both those joints, and then cause pain if they’re moved into positions which they can no longer go.


Therefore, we need to re-establish normal, natural head position and normal natural breathing to start to recapture motor control. 

But, If That Isn’t Proof Positive That Sitting Is Bad For You,

There’s More

The inability to breathe correctly, decreases your ability to create Intra-Abdominal Pressure (IAP), which is necessary to stabilize your spine and pelvis (Lumbo-pelvic stability).[6], [7] 


Lumbo-pelvic stability is important for proper locomotion and movement: 


Walking, running, jumping, etc, because it provides a stable platform from which to generate force. [8] In other words, you can’t shoot a canon from a canoe.


Loss of lumbo-pelvic stability (also known as ‘trunk stability’ and ‘core stability’) has been shown to predict increased risk of knee injury.


In other words, if you’re lacking core stability, you at increased risk for knee pain. [9],[10]

Problem Is, It Gets Worse...

Loss of lumbo-pelvic stability has also been demonstrated to cause lower back pain.[10], [11],[12]


This is important for three reasons - 


First, lower back pain can cause quadriceps (the muscles on the front of your thigh) weakness and quadriceps weakness can lead to knee pain.[16],[17]


Second, research has demonstrated that direct lower back treatment can resolve anterior knee pain.[18]


And third, and most probably importantly…


The research has also demonstrated that forward head posture correction helps reduce lower back pain.[15]




Because because restoring head control restores proper breathing. 


And restoration of proper breathing restores proper lumbo-pelvic (trunk/core) stability…


 … Which in turn reduces the risk of future knee pain and can reduce and even eliminate current knee pain through restoration of motor control.

What About Those Tight Quads, Hips, and


Often times you'll read articles in popular magazines like Runner’s World, Mens Fitness, Womens Fitness, Shape, etc., that tell you to stretch your tight quads, hips & hip flexors, hamstrings and calves. 


You’ll may also read things like you have a muscular imbalance between your quadriceps and hamstrings -


So make sure you "stretch your quads and strengthen your hamstrings." 


Or your tight hip flexors are keeping your hips from working properly. So stretch them and do some targeted glut/hip work like “clamshells.”


All those things may or may not apply to you.


But one thing that applies to all of us is the following:


One of the four quadriceps muscles - the rectus femoris - attaches to the pelvis.


The hip flexors - the psoas and the illiacus - attach to the lumbar spine and pelvis.


The gluteal musculature (hips) attach to the pelvis.


And, yes, all those areas - weak hips, tight muscles in your upper leg - all contribute to knee pain. 


But… they’re all connected to the lumbar spine and the pelvis.


And as we’ve seen, lumbo-pelvic stability, or lack thereof, is a major component of knee pain. 


Therefore, once you fix your lumbo-pelvic instability by reacquiring motor control, many of the muscular issues will take care of themselves.


And here's exactly how you do that...

Introducing The P3 Protocol

Remember, knee pain is a result of a loss of Motor Control.


And in order to banish knee pain naturally - and quickly - you must “tap into” your body’s “electrical circuitry” - your Central Nervous System, which is comprised of your brain and your spinal cord.


That is where Motor Control is created, established, and maintained. 


But it’s also where you lose it - not at the joint or muscular level, contrary to popular belief.


And regaining Motor Control is actually surprisingly simple and exceptionally easy - which is what the "P3 Protocol" does for you.

Here Is How The P3 Protocol Works

The P3 Protocol is based upon the Human Developmental Sequence (HDS).


That's the pre-programmed "growth" sequence every human follows the moment he or she is born to the time he or she is about 3 years old.


You start as a helpless sleeping, milk-drinking, pooping machine that needs near constant attention and supervision and develop into a fireball of energy that runs around the house smiling, laughing and getting into pretty much everything.


As you follow the HDS, your body develops the ability to move however you want it to.


But, because we live sedentary lifestyles, these movement "patterns" (also called "neural pathways") are no longer used as much as they used to.


So, in order to conserve energy, your brain bypasses them or gets rid of parts of them altogether (called "neuronal pruning.")


Therefore, by simply “revisiting” these pre-programmed patterns, from the comfort of your own home, you “switch on” or "reboot" these dormant patterns, much like flipping on a circuit breaker and restoring the electricity to a room or appliance in your house.


Recapture your lost motor control and your body starts working naturally again.


And as a result, your knee soreness... your knee pain disappears.



The P3 Protocol Is A

You may have seen other approaches that use the HDS - or parts of it. I have too. And some of them are great... 


(I even co-created one of them.)


What makes P3 different from everything I've seen and used is that it's both systematized and systematic.


And most importantly - simple.


In other words, there's a place you start...


... specific things you do that form a repeatable, measurable process...


... that are done in a specific order...


... And there's a specific place to finish.


No "you can try this... or this... or that... or play with such-and-such..."




Start here. Follow the process. Cross the checkpoints. Make the progress. Get results.


Like this -


P1 - Position. Start in a position.


P2 - Pattern. Do specific drills that help recapture lost motor control. (The main ones that helped you develop it in the first place.)


P3 - Power. Move from that position.




Again, systematized, systematic, and simple.


And to make it really easy, we've wrapped up the P3 Protocol and put it in a nice little follow-along video delivery system and training program called -

The Sore Knee Solution

You'll start The Sore Knee Solution with Phase 1.


This is the most important of all the phases. Skip this, and the other two phases - Phases 2 & 3 - have little impact.


Phase 1 lays the groundwork upon which the other two phases rest.


Remember - systematized and systematic.


Once inside The Sore Knee Solution, you'll have immediate access to Phase 1.


Phases 2 & 3 will remain "locked" for 4 weeks.




Simple. After testing with my Private Coaching clients, I've found that this is the Phase most people like to "rush through"...


... And ironically, it's the phase we come back to when things have gone wrong.


I've never seen it fail.


Here's what's inside:

  • COMPONENT #1 - "Why" Videos

    Why do you do the 3 specific drills in their specific order and what's going on inside your body to regain motor control to get rid of knee pain? My wife, Courtney and I cover this material in these videos. Each "Why" video corresponds with a "How" video.
    (Value: $297)

  • COMPONENT #2 - "How" Videos

    How do you perform each of these 3 specific drills and implement the "P3 Protocol" along with them so that you get out of knee pain pronto? I demonstrate how quickly and easily you can do this from the comfort of your own home, with zero equipment and limited space.
    (Value: $497)

  • COMPONENT #3 - 12-Week Follow Along Plan

    How do you implement each of these 3 specific "How" videos into your daily routine? The Truth is you'll most likely find knee pain relief in the first 5 minutes. However, you still need to do a little bit every day - like brushing your teeth - to fully recapture the Motor Control you once had.
    Here's the same type of plan I would give one of my high-paying private coaching clients who pay me up to $697 a month for my insight and training.

    (Value: $891)

  • COMPONENT #4 - Private FacebookTM Coaching Group

    What happens if you find you need a little extra help? No problem. Just hop into our Private Coaching Group and ask your question. I'll answer your question within 24 hours and I'll help get you unstuck. 
    (Value: $97)

  • COMPONENT #5 - Email Support

    Not a social media junky and want private secure communication? No problem. We've got you covered. Just shoot an email over to us at and I'll answer your question within 24 hours so that you can get the answer you need. 
    (Value: $49)

As you can see everything inside The Sore Knee Solution is valued at $1831.


However, you won't pay anywhere near that much today to get started. Before I tell you about the special limited time offer I have for you - 


You might be wondering -


How well does The Sore Knee Solution work?

Here's What Some Early Adopters Are Saying... 

"This is something completely different than I've tried before... When I go down the steps, I typically have to go sideways, and then I have to go down one step at a time [due to knee pain]... After doing this first sequence... I'm not having any knee pain... So I'm thinking - I'm going to try going down the steps like a normal person. So I did that - one step at a time and it didn't hurt.... Now I have something in place that's going to help me recover and that means I'm only going to get better from here.

Mike Whitfield


I've been dealing with achey knees for like 10 years… Never had the blow out or that MCL/ ACL thing, but I've always had the creaky knees, the sore knees, from… squatting too much or… certain things I did in the weight room... … Nothing really worked it all works like temporarily and then went away. And with The Sore Knee Solution, I literally just worked through Phase 1 for a little over a week, and I can already - within two or three days - I was getting up and walking down the stairs without my knees aching first thing in the morning.

Paul Lyngso


Here's What Else You Get

Today With
The Sore Knee Solution

Want to get even faster results? 


Of course you do. 


Who doesn't? 


No one, that's who.


(Ok, lazy people don't... Cause they don't do anything - and that's obviously not you cause you've read this far.


When you get The Sore Knee Solution today, I'll also throw in THREE free bonuses that will get you working out, running, and playing your favorite sports sooner rather than later.


(You can't get these bonuses anywhere else. I've only ever shared this information with my Private Coaching Program clients and select workshop attendees.)

The Core Foundation Protocol


A strong, stable core is the foundation for healthy, pain-free movement. Research has shown that some knee pain is related to low back stabilization dysfunction. Other research has shown that one particular muscle fires late to stabilize the spine and pelvis in people with low back disorders. 

This 4-step protocol reintegrates this muscle with the rest of your deep core musculature and makes it work together as a team to stabilize your spine and pelvis correctly, to take the stress off your knee(s). 


Easily and immediately test your results with this protocol.

Armored Abs

Value: $149

The Hollow Hold: The fundamental position for strengthening your abs. Many people are now correctly teaching the Hollow Hold as the starting point for athletic and functional abdominal training.

However, even though many people look like they're doing Hollow Holds correctly, but are actually doing them in a way that can damage their spines.


This video shows you how you can lift, run, jump, and play to your fullest potential, by using this systematic 3-step sequence to correctly build a solid, stable, truly functional Hollow Hold position.

BONUS #3: 
Pain Free Squats

Value: $149

Most people with knee pain can't squat without more knee pain.


And they need to because squatting is a foundational athletic movement and predictor of longevity.


Unlike traditional squatting methods that have you "sit back" or "squat on your heels," which only stabilizes your knees from above the joint...


This new method automatically "forces" your body to stabilize your knee from both above AND below the joint...


... Giving you a stronger, more stable, easier - pain free squat.

I developed this method from watching Olympic & World Champion Weightlifter, Ronnie Weller train and I've only shared this method with my private clients and a few seminar and workshop attendees.


Now you'll be in the know too.

As you can see, these 3 Bonuses have a real-world value $447, which is approximately 3 hours of my time, if we were to work one-on-one and I led you through them step-by-step.


And they're yours absolutely free today when you claim access to Phase 1 of the The Sore Knee Solution.

Here's How Much
The Sore Knee Solution

Remember, I spent 25 years in chronic knee pain, over $22,000 sifting and sorting through alternative treatments and therapies and “solutions” that didn’t work, and tested these hypotheses out in the trenches with folks from all walks of life all over the world. 


After all, a one hour-long deep tissue massage with my massage therapist, used to cost me $100 (not including gas, tolls, and the headache of fighting traffic and driving 90 minutes one way over the George Washington Bridge to New York City to see her) - twenty years ago. Imagine how much she costs today...


And I’d routinely spend $195 a week for just 3 treatment sessions with my Chiropractor - who I used to go and see routinely for a decade…


And the $25 insurance co-pay most of my wife’s patients paid to see her three times a week for 6 weeks (that’s $450) for conventional “heat, rub, and stretch” treatments that force you to move into more pain and don’t work in the long run…


And the $2500 I spent on that 3-D “Stretch Cage” that promised me (and our clients) that if we just did tri-planar stretching my knee pain would magically disappear…


Or the fact that I currently charge my clients $150 per hour to meet with me in person or $100 per hour to meet over the internet on Zoom to help them with pinpoint accuracy...


I think it’s safe to say that The Sore Knee Solution... 


PLUS the Free Bonuses valued at $447, is easily worth $2278 or more.


But you won't pay anywhere near $2278.


Or even half that - $1139.


Not even $297, my entry level rate for my Private Coaching Program.


In fact, as crazy as this might sound, when you see how much money I've spent over the years on all these crazy treatments, The Sore Knee Solution won't even cost you $195...


Normally, The Sore Knee Solution sells for $195… 


… The same price as three sessions, 10 years ago, with my chiropractor (who treated the 1996 Olympic USA Track & Field Team and the Duke University Men's Basketball Team), where he’d stick his thumb deep in my stomach to release my locked-up hip flexors and scrape my rock-hard right IT Band - both of which practically brought tears to my eyes...


However - 


You won’t pay that, nor will there be any tears in your eyes - except maybe tears of joy -


For today only, I want to remove all your risk when trying out The Sore Knee Solution.


That's why I insist you - 

Get Started Today, FREE!
Take Your 7-Day Test Drive NOW. 

Look - You either cut your knee stiffness, soreness, or pain in half in the next 7 days -


Or you pay nothing. Zero. Zilch. Zippo. Nada.


At the end of the day, I want you to be pain free - to workout, run, jump, hike, play your favorite sports, hang out with your kids - whatever you want to do...


That's why I insist you -


See and feel your results, FIRST -


Use Phase 1 of The Sore Knee Solution for 7 whole days and let the P3 Protocol recapture your motor control.


Bend your knees with little to no soreness… Walk up and down stairs… Run, jump, squat, lunge, play… do everything you want…


Reduce your pain and soreness by 50% and start doing the things you love again in the first 7 days or you pay NOTHING. Just send me an email at and tell me to cancel your trial. 


However, if you’re feeling great after 7 days...


... I’ll bill you a one-time discounted rate of only $130 -


... The cost of just two treatments with my old chiropractor instead of the usual 3X a week treatments of $195 - as a way of saying, “Thanks For Trusting Me.” 


(Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to The Sore Knee Solution.)

Nothing To Lose 

Look, you’ve seen how I spent 25 years and over $22,500 trying almost every possible conventional and alternative knee pain treatment known to mankind…


You saw how people like Mike and Paul used The Sore Knee Solution to banish their knee pain too…


And I’ve insisted you let me take all the risk on my shoulders by letting you put The Sore Knee Solution to work for you for free for a full 7 days... 


Then, and only then, after you see and feel a significant decrease in soreness and pain, only pay what it cost me for HALF a visit to my old chiropractor, and then keep lifetime access... 


(Also the less than the cost of a week's worth of Venti Pumpkin Spice Lattes - one of my wife's favorites...) 


Look, at the end of the day, if all The Sore Knee Solution did was get you back to doing the things you love -  working out, running, playing basketball, tennis, or soccer, or even rough-housing with your kids - pain free…


Wouldn’t it be worth it?


Now it’s time for a decision.

The Way I See It, You Have 3 Options 

Option #1: Do Absolutely Nothing And Stay Exactly Where You Are Right Now.


If you can handle running, playing tennis, basketball, soccer, or lifting with knee pain and the soreness that results after…


Or the soreness, cracking and popping that accompanies you doing everyday tasks like getting in and out of a chair or climbing up and down stairs...


Then maybe you don’t need this program.


But if you’d like to finally be free of the nagging knee soreness and pain, so that you can be active, athletic, and feel young again, that leaves you with two other options…


Option #2: Do It Yourself.


You can try to figure this out all by yourself - chiropractor and physical therapist visits…


Watching YouTube videos, or reading popular magazines… 


Expensive Proprietary ‘Anti-Inflammation’ Supplement stop working when you stop taking them… 


Even more foam rolling, stretching and “corrective exercises”...


And hope that maybe “this time” you’ll find the right exercise, or combination of exercises.


If you’re willing to spend hours, weeks, months, and worst case scenario - years - like I did, you might be able to pull it off.


Option #3: Let Me Do The Heavy Lifting For You.


I’ll put my proven Sore Knee Solution to work for you.


Simply press ‘play’ and follow along.


All you need to do is press ‘play’ on the videos, watch them, and do the simple “so easy a baby could it” exercises.


Then, test out your knees and see if the soreness has decreased or is gone.


Practically everyone I’ve worked with notices one or more of these four things almost instantaneously:

  1. Increase in their range of motion and flexibility
  2. Easier to move
  3. Decrease to no soreness or pain  
  4. Increased strength

Then bounce off with a smile on your face and a spring in your step…


Of these three options, ask yourself…

What's Going To Be Easier For You? 

You see, there are two types of people in this world…


Talkers and Doers.


Talkers are those who talk about getting out of knee pain, but don’t really want to, because, secretly, deep down inside, they like the attention complaining about their pain gets them…


And Doers - Those who are real action takers - who want to get their lives back so they can be active and feel young again.


Most people will tell you they want to get out of pain.


But we both know very few will actually do what it takes to make it happen. 


It’s easier to stay where they are and accept it as “part of the natural aging process”…


Only you can decide...




I’m off to play with my kids and work out - pain and worry free.


To Your Success,


Q: How long before I start seeing results?


A: Some people see a major decrease in pain in as little as 5 minutes. Others feel a difference in a few sessions. We all have different "mileage" so our responses will be different.


Q: Do I really get to use The Sore Knee Solution, Phase 1 for FREE for 7 days - What's the catch? 


A: There is no "catch" other than you need to follow the program as outlined in Phase 1 to give the P3 Protocol a chance to start recapturing your lost motor control. Test out The Sore Knee Solution for a full week - 7 days. If you haven't felt and seen at least a 50% reduction in soreness/pain, you'll be charged nothing. Just send me an email to and you won't be billed. 


Q: Does this work for both men & women.


A: Yes, gender is a non-issue. It works equally as well for both genders.


Q: I've been told I need a Total Knee Replacement. Will The Sore Knee Solution work for me?


A: While The Sore Knee Solution can work for you and delay your TKR, the chances of completely avoiding it are slim. HOWEVER -

That being said, you'll need to use the sequences found inside The Sore Knee Solution to regain motor control anyway once you're out of the acute stage,  otherwise there's a very good chance something else might "break."


Unless of course your orthopedic surgeon told you about your knees what mine told me about my hips, "If you keep doing X,Y, and Z, then you're looking at [knee] replacements in your future."

Then The Sore Knee Solution will most certainly help you out!




DISCLAIMER: These claims have not been evaluated by the United States Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. If you have any medical concerns, please consult your physician.


Furthermore, no guarantees are made. Results are not typical. That's because the average person will purchase this, maybe watch some of the videos, maybe try some of the drills once or twice, then forget about doing them. So if you want the same results my clients and I get, don't be average!




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